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Action - Stage of Change
Actualising tendency
Adolescence and eating disorders  
Alexithymia and eating disorders
Anorexia nervosa
Art therapy eating distress and Person-Centred Approach
Attachment theory/attachment styles
Attachment and eating distress
Author - about Maureen Schiller  
Balance of health  - Fit not fat  
Binge Eating Disorder
Body image
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Breaking the cycle of eating distress 
Bulimia nervosa
Bullying and eating distress
Carl Rogers and Person-Centred Approach
Case of eating distress - Rogers' reflections on Ellen West
Change model (Prochaska and DiClemente - Stages of Change)
Compulsive over-exercise
Conditions of worth (Person-Centred Theory)
Configurations of self (Person-Centred Theory)
Congruence (Person-Centred Theory)
Contents page
Consequences - long term of eating disorders
Contemplation - Stage of Change 
Dietary restraint - effects of