There are three pages of index:


Neurotransmitters, food and mood
Nineteen Propositions - Rogers' Theory of Personality and Behaviour  
Normal / healthy eating  

Obsession with thinness  
Over-eating, effects of
Over-exercise - dangers
Partnership involved in production of this resource
Person-Centred Theory
Precontemplation- Stage of Change
Preparation - Stage of Change
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Prochaska and DiClemente (Transtheoretical Model of Stages of Change)
Risk factors -  vulnerability to eating disorders
Rogers, Carl - Eating distress and the case of Ellen West 
Rogers, Carl - Person-Centred Approach
Self esteem
Self esteem, criticism and eating disorders
Self harm and eating disorders
Seven Stages of Process (Person-Centred Theory)
Six Necessary and Sufficient Conditions (Person-Centred Theory)  
Starvation - effects of  
Thinness, Obsession with
Triggers for eating disorders
Unconditional Positive Regard (Person-Centred Theory)
Vulnerability to eating disorders - who is at risk?
Vulnerability: some factors which predispose to eating disorders
Wright, Diana- nutrition therapist