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Eating disorders
Eating disorders cycle
Eating distress
Eating distress, eating disorders and Person-Centred theory
Ellen West - Rogers' reflections on a case of eating distress
Empathy and empathic understanding (Person-Centred Theory)
Exercise - benefits of
Fairclough, Sharon - counsellor with special interest in attachment, bereavement and loss.

Fit not Fat - Balance of Health
Food, mood and behaviour diaries
Food myths
Food control - effects of dietary restraint
Food/mood/ behaviour diary  
Food - meanings of  
Food - what to eat, 
Formative tendency - also see actualising tendency
Fully Functioning Person (Person-Centred Theory)
Glycaemic Index of foods
Healthy eating
Helping people with eating distress- Do's and don'ts
Helping people with eating distress - How to help
Insulin rollercoaster
Lapse - Stage of Change
Loss and change,
Maintenance - Stage of Change
Meanings of food
Men and eating disorders  
Myths about food