This resource was produced by Maureen Schiller

Maureen is an eating disorders practitioner, who is also a counsellor, supervisor and trainer. Her work in the field of eating disorders goes back some years to 1977, when she was a founder member of the committee which developed the self help network of Anorexic Aid, which was later incorporated in a merger to become Eating Disorders Association. Her involvement in the formative years of the organisation included:

Developing the Self-Help network
Setting up and co-facilitating self-help groups in Middlesex, London and Herts
Initiating the members' magazine
Establishing the first national Helpline for support around eating disorders
 Developing workshops to raise awareness about eating disorders and the underlying issues for schools, youth and community, agencies, counsellors, other multidisciplinary professionals and community groups.

More recently her work has focused on developing services around eating disorders in Buckinghamshire, where she initiated the Chiltern Eating Disorders Helpline and Chiltern/Thames Eating Disorders Association.  Working in partnership with the multiagency group in the Chiltern area, she was involved in the local initiative CHYP (Community Health for Young People), developing a play called "Invisible" with Raw Theatre (a theatre in education company). The play was then filmed and integrated with information and experiential ideas based experience she has acquired over the years, to form the content of "Invisible", a multimedia resource for 12 -16 year olds. A second multimedia resource for 8-11's called "About being me", then followed.

The same structure, but with extended content has formed the basis of this resource for therapists as well as people with an interest in health and well being and Person-Centred Approach.

Maureen has built the structure of the resource as well as writing the content. It has indeed been a labour of love. Maureen welcomes any feedback or comments you have about the resource as she is constantly working on improving and upgrading it. You can give her feedback by email: